How does it affect my pace-maker?

We don’t know how it would affect a pacemaker. We advise seeing your medical doctor.

Why so inexpensive?

The price of the Radiac® may be going up due to material and labor costs. Currently they are hand crafted by Dr. Baar. He wants the Radiac to be affordable for anyone and will hold the cost down as long as he can.

How do I know the Radiac is working?

When the Radiac leaves our facility it is ready to use and in working order. The Radiac has no moving parts in side and we guarantee nothing can change on the inside. It is protected by our exclusive Single Seal Technology. Single Seal technology creates a protective barrier around the internal components. Old radial appliances (misnomer) would develop hairline cracks that allowed water and moisture inside thereby ruining the unit. The Radiac with Single Seal Technology has resolved this completely. This is a major reason for our Lifetime Guarantee.

Is it safe for all ages?

Most using the Radiac are adults. We have some practitioners using the Radiac on young adults and some practitioners have experience with children. WE advise the use of common sense and advice of a licensed health care practitioner.

Are the Terminals only to be attached to the wrists?

For General use of the Radiac, yes. For specific uses and in conjunction with the Vibradex™ system, the terminals can be attached to other areas. This information is available through Dr. Baar. Click Here for Directions for Using the Radiac and the video "How To Set Up Your Radiac".

How will it affect my heart condition?

If you have a heart condition you must get advice from your medical doctor. The Radiac is designed help balance the electrical system in the body. The heart is a big part of this. Consult your health care practitioner.


Will it affect my replacement hip?

This again is a medical condition that requires advice from a licensed medical doctor. We hope to soon have more information on topics such as these.

Can the ice, used for the Radiac, be reused for other (full) sessions with the Radiac?

The ice may be reused in other full sessions, as long as the amount of ice still fills the container to the appropriate level of the Radiac.