My wife and I have been using the Radiac for the past 11 months. We have experienced a great improvement in our health and well-being. We use the Radiac every Monday through Thursday. This is an activity (more like a reward) we do for ourselves each week. We take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. If we choose on the weekend to have a glass of our favorite wine, we enjoy every sip. Thank you for such a great and healthy product!!!

K.D., Phoenix, AZ

I thought to myself, ‘why doesn’t every body own one of these little guys!?’ and I believe they should. I’ve been using the Radiac on and off for many years now and it never fails to set the stage for a peaceful night of sleep full of useful and interesting dreams. A nice little side effect is that I no longer use an alarm clock and can seemingly wake up at will any time I want. I guess the Radiac set my internal clock on track! I’m currently studying en route to becoming a Naturopath and as a bonus I have found that using the Radiac along with Cayce’s memory suggestions has made recall of information much easier! Again Cayce was right in suggesting that it is ‘good for anyone who is on their feet or uses their mind a lot during the day’.
I can’t recommend the Radiac enough for its wonderful supportive qualities to the mind and body and I’m glad you are making it available.

B. Olney, MD

I have been using the Radiac now for over six months. Having been initiated into a number of spiritual practices over the years including Kriya and Sant Mat, I can honestly say I have found nothing more powerful than using the Radiac for meditation. It has so far been an extraordinary journey. Many things have changed on the physical level: I am far more creative (which is good because I am an artist!).

I have a great deal more energy exercising at least 5 times a week from barely nothing. My circulation and digestion has greatly improved, as has the flexibility of both my mind and body. I sleep far better and in general my consciousness remains in a positive frame, even in situations where I would have previously been knocked off balance. I am also beginning to look and feel much younger. And last but by no means least Baar has been extremely helpful in answering any questions along the way. I am very grateful.

G.C., Ojai, CA

I feel less depressed and Had more energy after using it. I also was much more relaxed while I was on it.

V., Rest, SC

I have used my Radiac 3 times and have felt some vibration moving in my body while it is on, followed by a sense of deep relaxation & sense of well being. I am so glad to have finally purchased one after years of indecision. My 1st child is off to college and now I have more time to take care of me.

V., Thetford, VT