Trademarked - 3 Carbon System

Trademarked – 3 Carbon System

This exclusive system was discovered by Dr. Bruce Baar. Over 25 years of research produces innovation and the results you can read in the testimonials. It doesn’t stop here. The attachments and wires are standardized to fit all additional add on components (like the additional Solution Jar Sets) if you decide to use them.

Harmonize your Body's Energy

Harmonize your Body’s Energy

Enhance your dream experience and aid in spiritual awakening. Designed for mental and spiritual unfoldment, regeneration, attunement and memory enhancement. Balances the mental, physical and spiritual. Enhance Remote Viewing and Visualization. Stress Reducer. One of the best tools ever developed for personal growth. Be sure to order the Radiac Book.

Single Seal™ Technology: Leakproof and Rustproof

Single Seal™ Technology: Leakproof and Rustproof

• Lifetime Guarantee
• Charcoal Enhanced
• Trademarked 3 Carbon System
• Steel Certified
• Studied and Researched by Doctors and Foundations
• Researched and Manufactured by Bruce Baar, MS, ND

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