A Man Recaptures Youth with the Radiac

We received this letter from a man regarding his experience with the Radiac:

“When I was approximately forty-five years of age, I was suffering with a lower back problem which had been progressively worsening for a year of more during which time I was visiting an osteopath regularly to no avail. It was at that time that I found the Radiac appliance and I ordered one immediately. After using it for eight nights… I was running and playing with neighborhood children. Another problem was a torn ligament below the elbow which prevented the use of the two fingers. After a four night cycle of the Radiac, I regained use and was back to normal. …it improves my complexion and gives me energy and a feeling of well-being. In my opinion it has very fine regenerative capabilities…” F.M., Richmond, VA

This just goes to show how impactful the Radiac® can be for people. This man experienced some amazing results from his use of the Radiac. His lower back problem improved to the point where he could play with children. Truly astonishing that he could go from being required to have appointments regularly with an osteopathic doctor to then being able to share in the physical activities of youth. Through balancing his own body’s energy, he was able to regain a lifestyle that he had previously lost.

Another benefit resulted in his regaining the ability to use two fingers that had been rendered immobile. Although the benefit of increased circulation may have aided in the recovery of a strained muscle, a torn ligament would have required medical attention. His testament to the Radiac’s restorative capabilities and his expectant mindset combined to change his life.

And his last comments, although he wrote it as a minor observance, stating that his complexion improved, energy increased, and his sense of well-being improved, is not to be overlooked. With improved circulation, oxygen rich blood reaches vital organs, muscles and extremities. It sends essential nutrients to build healthier tissues and enables the body to efficiently remove toxins. His surge of energy reflects in his anecdote of running with children. The Radiac has a remarkable reputation for improving energy. The Radiac impacts people’s lives in such a meaningful way in all aspects of life; physical, mental, and spiritual. Read more testimonials and see our book, Experience the Radiac, available now.

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