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Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Experience with the Radiac

The following story is from a woman who has used the Radiac and shared her experiences with us. For many, the Radiac® provides more benefits than expected. Discover how the Radiac® has enriched this woman’s life with just a few uses:

 “In April of this year, I started to use your Radiac®. How I wish I had started to use this device years ago. At once, I felt a flow of energy on my entire left side. This has now changed as I feel energy flowing throughout my entire body. My sleep certainly is deeper, and with less waking up in the middle of the night. I have vivid dreams and can recall them easier. My meditations also are deeper and the kundalini is flowing. I have a calmer attitude of all that would normally disturb my peace. It seems as if I could go on and on for I believe – no – I know that whatever this device does – it has made all areas of my life (spiritual, physical, and mental) better.” E.R.L, PA

 On a Physical Level

Many say that the first time they are attached to the Radiac® they experience an unexplainable tingling sensation throughout the body. Some do not experience any outright sensation other than a calm feeling the next day. For an appliance that does not plug into any outlets and does not use batteries, it is astounding to be able to actually feel it working with the body’s natural energy. While this woman felt the sensation on only the left side at first, others may feel it starting in just their fingers, toes or even throughout the entire body. Each person’s experience is unique to their own specific sessions, which is why each Radiac® is only to be used by one person.

 On a Spiritual Level

A person with the right mindset, such as someone who is already performing meditative practices, may benefit greatly from using the Radiac®. This woman experienced the Radiac® enhancing her meditations allowing her to go into a deeper meditative state. The idea behind meditation is to fully understand how the mind works on its own. During a session of using the Radiac® the user is able to fully relax their body and mind, entering a state of deep tranquility, realizing the ability to process and observe their own thoughts.

 On a Mental Level

One of the greatest benefits of the Radiac® is said to be that it helps to calm the chattering mind. This woman states that “I have a calmer attitude of all that would normally disturb my peace.” Thoughts or ideas that would usually be bothersome have now seemed to become less of a nuisance. To be able to free your mind just through enhancing the flow of energy throughout your body is quite powerful. The Radiac® allows the user to become calm and at ease during and after each session.

We continue to receive amazing stories of people’s experiences with the Radiac. Because the Radiac® affects each person differently, the testimonials we receive vary greatly.  Read more Radiac® testimonials here.

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A Man Recaptures Youth with the Radiac

We received this letter from a man regarding his experience with the Radiac:

“When I was approximately forty-five years of age, I was suffering with a lower back problem which had been progressively worsening for a year of more during which time I was visiting an osteopath regularly to no avail. It was at that time that I found the Radiac appliance and I ordered one immediately. After using it for eight nights… I was running and playing with neighborhood children. Another problem was a torn ligament below the elbow which prevented the use of the two fingers. After a four night cycle of the Radiac, I regained use and was back to normal. …it improves my complexion and gives me energy and a feeling of well-being. In my opinion it has very fine regenerative capabilities…” F.M., Richmond, VA

This just goes to show how impactful the Radiac® can be for people. This man experienced some amazing results from his use of the Radiac. His lower back problem improved to the point where he could play with children. Truly astonishing that he could go from being required to have appointments regularly with an osteopathic doctor to then being able to share in the physical activities of youth. Through balancing his own body’s energy, he was able to regain a lifestyle that he had previously lost.

Another benefit resulted in his regaining the ability to use two fingers that had been rendered immobile. Although the benefit of increased circulation may have aided in the recovery of a strained muscle, a torn ligament would have required medical attention. His testament to the Radiac’s restorative capabilities and his expectant mindset combined to change his life.

And his last comments, although he wrote it as a minor observance, stating that his complexion improved, energy increased, and his sense of well-being improved, is not to be overlooked. With improved circulation, oxygen rich blood reaches vital organs, muscles and extremities. It sends essential nutrients to build healthier tissues and enables the body to efficiently remove toxins. His surge of energy reflects in his anecdote of running with children. The Radiac has a remarkable reputation for improving energy. The Radiac impacts people’s lives in such a meaningful way in all aspects of life; physical, mental, and spiritual. Read more testimonials and see our book, Experience the Radiac, available now.

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Why is my attitude important when using the Radiac?

Your attitude impacts the direction of healing, meditation, and relaxation. Studies indicate a positive attitude has a positive effect on your health, meditation, and entire lifestyle. During your Radiac session, relax, and let your mind become tranquil.

Can I drink alcohol & use the Radiac?

If you drink, do NOT use the Radiac if alcohol is in your body. Depending on how much alcohol you drink and your body’s metabolism, you may need 24 hours before using the Radiac.

Why do I need to clean the metal discs?

This creates the proper contact with the body. If you do not sand the discs, it will not work. Use emery paper to sand the surface of the discs that will attach to your body. The discs should also be sanded after the session.

How do I set up the Radiac?

Place your Radiac in the Radiac Container, then add ice and water. Let it sit for 20 minutes before attaching to the body. Leave the Radiac in the ice water during the time it is being applied to the body. Insert the jacks of the wires into the terminals on top of the Radiac. Red jack to red terminal. Black jack to black terminal. See drawing below:

Radiac setup without solution

How do I attach the Radiac to my body?

Always attach the Red wire to your body first, then attach the Black wire. Follow the rotation pattern in the directions that came with your Radiac. Use your Radiac following the cycles found in the directions.

What do I do after the Radiac is attached to me?

Each session should last about 30 minutes, however the Radiac may be used for longer periods of time. This will depend on you. It is preferable to have a meditative, quiet, and constructive attitude during the time the Radiac is attached; while resting or just before retiring at night, preferably reclining. Choose a relaxing setting such as a bedroom or meditation area, where there are no distractions. A recliner chair that adjusts to a horizontal position can be very relaxing. Allow yourself to relax or fall asleep.

Other usage techniques are covered in the Radiac Book. After the session, disconnect the wires from the body and the Radiac, then remove it from the ice water.

How do I store my Radiac?

Store the Radiac on a nonmetal shelf or table. It is best to place the Radiac in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes occasionally, or in between uses.

Why can only 1 person use a Radiac?

The Radiac is a personal appliance as it enhances the energies unique to your body. Individuals must each have their own Radiac. Never use another person’s Radiac.

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A Beginner’s Personal Experience using the Radiac

We continue to receive numerous testimonials from people who have used the Radiac over the years. People have shared their experiences which have ranged from: relieving nervousness and tension, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation, improving quality of sleep, enhancing meditation and restoring health. The Radiac has many beneficial effects and has been described in the Cayce readings as “Good for Everyone”. As it helps to quiet the chattering mind, it deepens meditation and enhances spiritual unfoldment. The following passage is from a man who has graciously shared his personal experiences when using the Radiac:

“I was just finishing my studies as an engineer and the idea of a body balancing apparatus was intriguing to me. I was also beginning a meditation practice at the time and so I thought it would be interesting. It wasn’t until a few years later that I decided to bring the Radiac into my dreaming and meditation practice. It just made sense that it should help connect the two in a deeper way. Cayce recommended dreams as the best way to meditate and meet with the higher self and along with that, the Radiac was recommended.

I honestly didn’t know what to make of it, and I went into it with an open mind. The first few times I connected to the Radiac it seemed like nothing. Then after a week or so of using the Radiac in a contemplative mindset, I began to notice myself drifting off to sleep and waking up at exactly the time I wanted to remove it (almost to the second sometimes). I was always a deep sleeper, but now I began to notice something different in my sleep. I would dream the most amazing and profound dreams and wake up from them feeling as if I had gained some unbelievable insight or relief during the night. It wasn’t uncommon to dream about people I knew who were dealing with some concern and have the solution presented in the dream. I would wake up energized from the experience!

I thought to myself, ‘why doesn’t everybody own one of these little guys!?’ and I believe they should. I’ve been using the Radiac on and off for many years now and it never fails to set the stage for a peaceful night of sleep full of useful and interesting dreams. A nice little side effect is that I no longer use an alarm clock and can seemingly wake up at will any time I want. I guess the Radiac set my internal clock on track! I’m currently studying en route to becoming a Naturopath and as a bonus I have found that using the Radiac along with Cayce’s memory suggestions has made recall of information much easier! Again Cayce was right in suggesting that it is ‘good for anyone who is on their feet or uses their mind a lot during the day’.

I can’t recommend the Radiac enough for its wonderful supportive qualities to the mind and body and I’m glad you are making it available.” J.B., Olney, MD

Read more of the life changing testimonials on our Radiac®. We love to hear from our researchers regarding their experiences. It helps us to help others. We want to foster discussions between people using the Radiac. Leave a comment at the bottom to start sharing with others who are enhancing their dreams and connecting with their spirit.

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The Importance of Meditation & The Appliance that Can Help!

The Importance of Meditation & The Appliance that Can Help!

We live in a most dynamic world – one that can cause stress and anxiety on a daily basis. If you want to reduce stress, one of the most precious gifts you can give to yourself is a few minutes of meditation. If you choose to make meditation a habit in your life, you’ll find that your world may change for the better. The best part is that it’s simple and it’s free.

What are the Benefits of Meditation Over Time?

First of all, you will experience less stress and less anxiety. After meditation, you will benefit from the result of having a relaxed physical body, a sense of inner peace and a clear and focused mind. The best part about the practice of meditation is that after you take the time to do it, the benefits you’ve gained stay with you through out your day!

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I’ve never practiced meditation before, so where do I start?” It’s easy. Start by sitting in a chair in a room with no distractions for just 30 minutes. Relax, clear your mind, sit in silence and think of nothing. Just watch your thoughts with no judgment. The most important thing is that you avoid being critical of yourself. Don’t focus on your belief that you don’t know how to do it…just do it.

Why Does Meditation Work?

Science has shown us that meditation and the practice of quieting the mind produce a variety of benefits such as:

  • lowering blood pressure

  • boosting the immune system

  • stabilizing heart rate

  • improving circulation

The word meditation comes from the Latin word Mederi which means “to heal”. While the art of being still will produce the wonderful, physical health benefits mentioned above, there is also a healing of the mind that can take place in the process. This makes meditation a powerful tool for improve all around well being.

Introducing the Appliance That Can Help

The Radiac ® from Baar Products is manufactured and designed by Dr. Baar. It is designed to enhance your meditation experience, reduce stress, and help with spiritual and self unfoldment. Reduce stress by balancing your mental, physical and spiritual activities. The Radiac ® Starter Kit #100 along with the Radiac ® Book #502 and the Radiac ® Container #102 is the most popular starting point.

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Physical and Mental Benefits: The Radiac

Physical and Mental Benefits: The Radiac

Now that you’ve learned a bit about this amazing appliance and have read a testimonial from a woman with multiple sclerosis who found it to be helpful in addressing her pain, let’s find out what other physical and mental benefits The Radiac® may have…

By Barbara and Brent Parisen

This article was taken from the March, 1978, issue of The A.R.E. Journal and has been used by permission.

“…The radio-active appliance is mentioned in the readings hundreds of times and was recommended for problems ranging from adhesions to epilepsy to paralysis to vertigo. In fact, Cayce stated that the “radio-active [appliance] plain [without the use of solutions] is very good; good for everybody!” (631-2), “especially to rest tired businessmen, overtaxed ladies…” (1800-16)

According to Cayce, the appliance is unlimited in its use and its range of benefits, for not only does it make the body physically more fit by bringing about better circulation, assimilation, relaxation and elimination, but it actually aligns and rejuvenates the body’s mental and spiritual forces along with the physical by bringing about “a better coordination in the cerebrospinal and sympathetic systems.” (593-1) This exclusive appliance has this unique capacity to restore that complete physical-mental-spiritual balance.

In addition to an improved physical condition, use of the appliance, the readings promise, will bring new self-awareness and greater understanding. To one inquiring individual Cayce said: “there will be periods of exciting experience in the spiritual and mental self.” (5199-1) He advised another to pay attention to the unfoldment of “the real subconscious self” in dreams which occur during the period of the appliance applications. (911-2)

In light of the physical benefits and these spiritual promises (which in our experience we have found to be real), the radio-active appliance is truly priceless!”

If you’re still curious about how effective this appliance can really be, we invite you to read through dozens of real testimonials! When you’re ready to start experiencing the power of The Radiac® for your own mental, spiritual and physical well being, you can find the Radiac Starter Kit online at Baar Products!


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The Radiac®: What Is It & Why Should I Use It?

If you’ve heard about The Radiac® and are wondering what it is and how it works, we recommend reading these selections below, taken from helpful articles from those who have used the appliance and benefited from it in various ways.

by Linda Caputi, a Venture Inward article

Linda Caputi is a retired registered nurse, is on staff at the A.R.E. Library, and has been involved with the Cayce material for the last 25 years.

“…The radio-active appliance (also called Radiac) generates no energy of its own but picks up and rebalances yours. Because of this, it is never shared with another person. Quite an amazing appliance.

Typically when using the radio-active appliance, the ends of the red and black wires have a 1-inch disc that is made of German silver. They are placed on opposite pulse points at the wrists and ankles, and rotate around the body through the course of four 1-hour sessions. The time spent using the radio-active appliance, like the wet cell, is meant to be a special time for spiritual attunement.

On one occasion I had asked Jeanette Thomas, former administrator for the Edgar Cayce Foundation, how does someone know if the appliance is working? She explained that if it puts you to sleep within a short time, it’s working. I found that to be true. Even when I wasn’t tired, within 15 minutes of applying it, I’d be dozing. Then again, a warm castor oil pack did the same thing to me.

And so I began regularly using the radio-active appliance, and castor oil packs. Each was something I could do for myself that felt gentle and healing. However, after reading about someone using the appliance for multiple sclerosis with a solution jar, I was drawn to do the same. That’s what I’ve been using for the last 10 years.

Working in the A.R.E. Library (Association for Research and Enlightenment) and speaking with people facing challenges similar to mine, has been a blessing to me. I’ve been able to offer hope and share from experience the unlimited potential of these remarkable appliances–when used with respect.”

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