A Beginner’s Personal Experience using the Radiac

We continue to receive numerous testimonials from people who have used the Radiac over the years. People have shared their experiences which have ranged from: relieving nervousness and tension, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation, improving quality of sleep, enhancing meditation and restoring health. The Radiac has many beneficial effects and has been described in the Cayce readings as “Good for Everyone”. As it helps to quiet the chattering mind, it deepens meditation and enhances spiritual unfoldment. The following passage is from a man who has graciously shared his personal experiences when using the Radiac:

“I was just finishing my studies as an engineer and the idea of a body balancing apparatus was intriguing to me. I was also beginning a meditation practice at the time and so I thought it would be interesting. It wasn’t until a few years later that I decided to bring the Radiac into my dreaming and meditation practice. It just made sense that it should help connect the two in a deeper way. Cayce recommended dreams as the best way to meditate and meet with the higher self and along with that, the Radiac was recommended.

I honestly didn’t know what to make of it, and I went into it with an open mind. The first few times I connected to the Radiac it seemed like nothing. Then after a week or so of using the Radiac in a contemplative mindset, I began to notice myself drifting off to sleep and waking up at exactly the time I wanted to remove it (almost to the second sometimes). I was always a deep sleeper, but now I began to notice something different in my sleep. I would dream the most amazing and profound dreams and wake up from them feeling as if I had gained some unbelievable insight or relief during the night. It wasn’t uncommon to dream about people I knew who were dealing with some concern and have the solution presented in the dream. I would wake up energized from the experience!

I thought to myself, ‘why doesn’t everybody own one of these little guys!?’ and I believe they should. I’ve been using the Radiac on and off for many years now and it never fails to set the stage for a peaceful night of sleep full of useful and interesting dreams. A nice little side effect is that I no longer use an alarm clock and can seemingly wake up at will any time I want. I guess the Radiac set my internal clock on track! I’m currently studying en route to becoming a Naturopath and as a bonus I have found that using the Radiac along with Cayce’s memory suggestions has made recall of information much easier! Again Cayce was right in suggesting that it is ‘good for anyone who is on their feet or uses their mind a lot during the day’.

I can’t recommend the Radiac enough for its wonderful supportive qualities to the mind and body and I’m glad you are making it available.” J.B., Olney, MD

Read more of the life changing testimonials on our Radiac®. We love to hear from our researchers regarding their experiences. It helps us to help others. We want to foster discussions between people using the Radiac. Leave a comment at the bottom to start sharing with others who are enhancing their dreams and connecting with their spirit.

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