Why is my attitude important when using the Radiac?

Your attitude impacts the direction of healing, meditation, and relaxation. Studies indicate a positive attitude has a positive effect on your health, meditation, and entire lifestyle. During your Radiac session, relax, and let your mind become tranquil.

Can I drink alcohol & use the Radiac?

If you drink, do NOT use the Radiac if alcohol is in your body. Depending on how much alcohol you drink and your body’s metabolism, you may need 24 hours before using the Radiac.

Why do I need to clean the metal discs?

This creates the proper contact with the body. If you do not sand the discs, it will not work. Use emery paper to sand the surface of the discs that will attach to your body. The discs should also be sanded after the session.

How do I set up the Radiac?

Place your Radiac in the Radiac Container, then add ice and water. Let it sit for 20 minutes before attaching to the body. Leave the Radiac in the ice water during the time it is being applied to the body. Insert the jacks of the wires into the terminals on top of the Radiac. Red jack to red terminal. Black jack to black terminal. See drawing below:

Radiac setup without solution

How do I attach the Radiac to my body?

Always attach the Red wire to your body first, then attach the Black wire. Follow the rotation pattern in the directions that came with your Radiac. Use your Radiac following the cycles found in the directions.

What do I do after the Radiac is attached to me?

Each session should last about 30 minutes, however the Radiac may be used for longer periods of time. This will depend on you. It is preferable to have a meditative, quiet, and constructive attitude during the time the Radiac is attached; while resting or just before retiring at night, preferably reclining. Choose a relaxing setting such as a bedroom or meditation area, where there are no distractions. A recliner chair that adjusts to a horizontal position can be very relaxing. Allow yourself to relax or fall asleep.

Other usage techniques are covered in the Radiac Book. After the session, disconnect the wires from the body and the Radiac, then remove it from the ice water.

How do I store my Radiac?

Store the Radiac on a nonmetal shelf or table. It is best to place the Radiac in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes occasionally, or in between uses.

Why can only 1 person use a Radiac?

The Radiac is a personal appliance as it enhances the energies unique to your body. Individuals must each have their own Radiac. Never use another person’s Radiac.

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  1. Andrew Olexson August 29, 2021


    After the radiac is used is it then ok to drink wine? After its use.


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