Physical and Mental Benefits: The Radiac

Physical and Mental Benefits: The Radiac

Now that you’ve learned a bit about this amazing appliance and have read a testimonial from a woman with multiple sclerosis who found it to be helpful in addressing her pain, let’s find out what other physical and mental benefits The Radiac® may have…

By Barbara and Brent Parisen

This article was taken from the March, 1978, issue of The A.R.E. Journal and has been used by permission.

“…The radio-active appliance is mentioned in the readings hundreds of times and was recommended for problems ranging from adhesions to epilepsy to paralysis to vertigo. In fact, Cayce stated that the “radio-active [appliance] plain [without the use of solutions] is very good; good for everybody!” (631-2), “especially to rest tired businessmen, overtaxed ladies…” (1800-16)

According to Cayce, the appliance is unlimited in its use and its range of benefits, for not only does it make the body physically more fit by bringing about better circulation, assimilation, relaxation and elimination, but it actually aligns and rejuvenates the body’s mental and spiritual forces along with the physical by bringing about “a better coordination in the cerebrospinal and sympathetic systems.” (593-1) This exclusive appliance has this unique capacity to restore that complete physical-mental-spiritual balance.

In addition to an improved physical condition, use of the appliance, the readings promise, will bring new self-awareness and greater understanding. To one inquiring individual Cayce said: “there will be periods of exciting experience in the spiritual and mental self.” (5199-1) He advised another to pay attention to the unfoldment of “the real subconscious self” in dreams which occur during the period of the appliance applications. (911-2)

In light of the physical benefits and these spiritual promises (which in our experience we have found to be real), the radio-active appliance is truly priceless!”

If you’re still curious about how effective this appliance can really be, we invite you to read through dozens of real testimonials! When you’re ready to start experiencing the power of The Radiac® for your own mental, spiritual and physical well being, you can find the Radiac Starter Kit online at Baar Products!


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