Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Experience with the Radiac

The following story is from a woman who has used the Radiac and shared her experiences with us. For many, the Radiac® provides more benefits than expected. Discover how the Radiac® has enriched this woman’s life with just a few uses:

 “In April of this year, I started to use your Radiac®. How I wish I had started to use this device years ago. At once, I felt a flow of energy on my entire left side. This has now changed as I feel energy flowing throughout my entire body. My sleep certainly is deeper, and with less waking up in the middle of the night. I have vivid dreams and can recall them easier. My meditations also are deeper and the kundalini is flowing. I have a calmer attitude of all that would normally disturb my peace. It seems as if I could go on and on for I believe – no – I know that whatever this device does – it has made all areas of my life (spiritual, physical, and mental) better.” E.R.L, PA

 On a Physical Level

Many say that the first time they are attached to the Radiac® they experience an unexplainable tingling sensation throughout the body. Some do not experience any outright sensation other than a calm feeling the next day. For an appliance that does not plug into any outlets and does not use batteries, it is astounding to be able to actually feel it working with the body’s natural energy. While this woman felt the sensation on only the left side at first, others may feel it starting in just their fingers, toes or even throughout the entire body. Each person’s experience is unique to their own specific sessions, which is why each Radiac® is only to be used by one person.

 On a Spiritual Level

A person with the right mindset, such as someone who is already performing meditative practices, may benefit greatly from using the Radiac®. This woman experienced the Radiac® enhancing her meditations allowing her to go into a deeper meditative state. The idea behind meditation is to fully understand how the mind works on its own. During a session of using the Radiac® the user is able to fully relax their body and mind, entering a state of deep tranquility, realizing the ability to process and observe their own thoughts.

 On a Mental Level

One of the greatest benefits of the Radiac® is said to be that it helps to calm the chattering mind. This woman states that “I have a calmer attitude of all that would normally disturb my peace.” Thoughts or ideas that would usually be bothersome have now seemed to become less of a nuisance. To be able to free your mind just through enhancing the flow of energy throughout your body is quite powerful. The Radiac® allows the user to become calm and at ease during and after each session.

We continue to receive amazing stories of people’s experiences with the Radiac. Because the Radiac® affects each person differently, the testimonials we receive vary greatly.  Read more Radiac® testimonials here.

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